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For decades, the garage was where parents hung out. It’s where your toys were fixed, pinewood derby cars were made and parties were planned. Now it’s your turn to create the perfect garage space for your home. Matrix has the solutions to make it incredible, efficient, and the envy of every other parent on your block.


Whether you’re looking to add storage solutions, a brand new floor or an entirely new garage system, Matrix has you covered.


Let’s talk flooring

While the concrete floor of your garage does a good job of, well, being a floor, it’s not stain-resistant. In fact, concrete is incredibly porous; anything you spill on it will stain it for the most part and seep deep down. We use polyaspartic floor coating by Garage Living’s Floortext line of products. It’s slip-resistant and incredibly durable, standing up to abrasions, dents, and other damage.


Benefits of Garage Living’s polyaspartic coating

  • Our licensed, insured installers can have your new floor in place within 1 day.
  • WIth a UV-stable topcoat, your floor will not fade or discolor from exposure to light, and has a glossy, beautiful finish that still provides anti-slip texturing.
  • A polyaspartic coating is waterproof and chemical-resistant, including gas, oil, coolant, and other vehicular fluids, as well as most household chemicals.
  • Polyaspartic coating has a higher heat tolerance than traditional epoxy coatings, preventing even damage from hot tires.


garage organization


Storage solutions

While rolling tool trays are a common storage answer for many garages, Garage Living has a robust line of incredibly durable, high-quality installed storage drawers in a range of sizes. With a fantastic selection of materials, functionality, colors and customizability, Garage Living’s cabinetry is second-to-none.



The Garage Living Signature collection features durable, beautiful 18 gauge steel constructed cabinets. Magnetic latching means everything stays put, with optional maple butcher block or stainless steel countertops, depending on your specific needs. 


With the modular design, you can start small and expand to fit your space or keep your workstation small and efficient. Based in 3 standard colors – latte, granite, and black – and with blue and red expanded custom colors, you can create the aesthetic you want. We can even mix the door and frame colors up to create a truly unique space for your garage.


Custom Steel

Expanding on the signature selection with more colors, options, textures and storage ability, the Custom Steel line is a step up in modular storage solutions.

Glass doors, a full line of colors, textured galvanized steel backsplashes, power bars, and sink installations are just some of the exciting upgrades the Custom Steel line offers.



Matrix Garage Solutions uses Garage Living’s top of the line modular storage solution, the Hayley system. With a huge range of colors, textures, and specialty additions, as well as the option for custom-fitted installation, the Hayley selection is the pinnacle of garage organization and style.


wall storage


Utilizing wall storage

From bikes to holiday decorations and everything in between, wall storage is a highly useful commodity to have that many people do not utilize. When you’re considering your next garage remodel, consider what your walls have to offer:

  • Bike racks
  • Golf racks
  • Industrial shelving
  • LED lighting solutions
  • Ventilated steel shelving

Building up reduces clutter, accidental impact to your car or other vehicles, and it makes your space look more organized. There’s truly no reason to not take advantage of your wall space, so let Matrix help you find the storage solution that helps you the most.


Get an estimate on your garage remodeling dreams

When you work with Matrix, you get our crew of over 200 licensed and insured tradesmen whom we personally vet. You will not be shuffled around through third-party contractors; you can count on us to do the job quickly, completely and with our limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured we stand behind our work.


If you’re considering a garage remodel, you owe it to yourself to give Matrix a call or send us an email. We’re happy to provide a free estimate and go over some of the brilliant garage upgrades and systems we can offer you.

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