Top Cost-Effective Garage Customizations for 2021

garage system

With people spending more time at home than ever before, it’s only natural for homeowners to take stock of their living environment and brainstorm ways to make it better and more convenient. One space with the most untapped potential is none other than the garage. Yes, garages, by and large, are spaces where you park your car, but with a little bit of work, they can become so much more. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top garage design and customization trends to help make this area of your home much more functional than before.


2021 Garage Customization Trends


garage system


Custom Flooring

Say goodbye to the cement floor covering and hello to a variety of options. At Matrix Home Solutions, we’ll transform your cement garage floor with a polyaspartic floor coating. This doesn’t just help it look great, but it also ensures that the flooring is slip-resistant, durable and able to stand up to the likes of dents and abrasions as well. 


Storage Space

Perhaps instead of turning your garage into a functional space, you have eyes on turning another area of your home into this space. And if you do, there’s a good chance you’ll need to free up some storage space in these other areas of your home to facilitate that. The good news is that there are a variety of storage solutions that your garage can support. From storage drawers designed to hold tools and accessories to a full system of garage storage and organization, Matrix is here to implement the right solution for your garage utility room. We also offer wall storage solutions, such as industrial shelving, bike racks, LED solutions and even ventilated shelving. 


Home Gym

When driving to the gym wasn’t an option during the COVID-19 pandemic, many homeowners likely yearned for the chance to exercise in the comfort and convenience of their own home, and the garage makes for an ideal space to set up a home gym. By simply installing foam flooring and acquiring exercise equipment, it is an attainable and rewarding home update. What’s more is the investment you put into creating this home gym is more than likely to pay off over time both in money saved from gym membership fees and the convenience of not having to travel to and from the gym. 


garage system



If you’re someone who loves working with tools in your spare time, then transforming your garage into a workshop can make for a worthy investment. Tool drawers and cabinets are ideal for storing tools and accessories, including Matrix’s custom steel line of modular solutions.


Another popular option is transforming your garage into a workroom and/or showroom for your classic car or vehicle that you’re rehabilitating.


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