4 Ways to Use Your Garage this Summer

Your home’s garage isn’t just a place to park your car and store your outdoor belongings any longer. No, today a garage can be so much more, and the summer months are a great time of year to unlock the full potential of this often overlooked area of the home.


From garage living space to creating a dream home gym, the options on what to do with your garage are truly endless. And don’t worry about the garage temperature compared to outside during the hot summer months — a few purpose-built fans for garage cooling will do the trick.


Noting this, just how many different ways can you use your garage this summer? We took a look at some of them in this post:


4 Ways to Utilize Your Garage This Summer


1. A Home Gym


Why pay for a pricey gym membership when you can have one on your own property? Home gyms are a great way to utilize your garage — and not just during the summer months, either. No matter the size of your garage, you can bring in only the equipment that you want to use to get a great workout in and have the whole place to yourself whenever it is you decide to work out. Hang free weights and exercise gear on the walls and topcoat the floor so it’s waterproof, and abrasion and impact resistant.


2. A Workshop


The garage is a go-to venue for a home workshop, and with the right steel storage cabinets and industrial shelving, you can take any home workshop above and beyond your expectations for help with knocking off any and all home improvement projects throughout the rest of your home. Cabinetry options include 18-gauge steel construction, magnetic door latches, insulated doors, ventilated shelving and complementary stainless steel countertops.


3. Your Personal Locker Room


One of the nice things about summer is that it’s outdoor sports season — and let’s face it, you need a place to store your golf clubs, your kids’ soccer and baseball equipment, and the tennis gear you like to take to the neighborhood courts. With the right garage storage systems from Matrix, you can literally turn the area into your own personal locker room, where you can keep all of your supplies and equipment neatly organized so it’s easy and convenient to find. That means you can spend more time playing the sports you and your family love and less time searching for what you need to participate in them.


4. Your Game Room


Your garage can also be a great place for you and any friends to hang out. While most people don’t think of a garage area as an extension of a home’s living space, with the right setup and modifications, it can absolutely serve as a game room or “man cave” of sorts. Set up a pool table, install a big screen TV to watch the big game and make your garage a go-to place to hang out.


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For more information on how you can turn this area of your home into an extended garage living space and keep a cool garage temperature compared to outside this summer, contact Matrix Home Solutions today. Not sure if you can swing the garage you want and have adequate storage for everything else? We have many overhead solutions that we can help you with as well. With a wide range of storage solutions and flooring options, we can help turn your home garage into so much more than just a place to park your car. Contact us today for more information.

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