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Summer: The Season for Solar

If you’ve put off adding solar panels in Chicago, this is the season to reconsider. With the sun shining brightly and longer days, summer is the perfect time to switch to solar. Hotter days equal higher energy bills — unless you team up with Sunpower Solar by Matrix Solar Solutions.


Ways to Maximize Solar Panel Use This Summer


Although summer has its share of cloudy days and rainstorms, it also has many days of bright sunshine. Chicago receives about 189 sunny or partly sunny days per year, and many of them occur between May and September. This is prime time for solar panels in Chicago. You can make the most of warm summer weather in the Windy City by installing solar panels. Here are some tips on how to maximize your summer savings with solar energy:


  • In the winter, your home’s energy system switches over to the public utility much sooner than in the summer. With the longer days of summer, your solar panels can absorb much more energy, saving you money on your monthly utility bill.


  • On sunny days, you can store electricity to use on overcast days.


  • Use more electricity during the day, to cut back on what you need from the municipal energy utility at night. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of extra daytime sunshine:


  • Charge your mobile devices during the day and keep them unplugged after the sun goes down.


  • Put timers on dishwashers and washing machines to run them during the day. For best results run one appliance at a time.


  • You can set your heating and cooling systems to reach the desired temperature while the sun is still up. If your AC uses solar energy as well as electricity from the grid, you may be able to turn your AC off at night.


  • Charge appliances with rechargeable batteries during the day. That way, you can run your cordless kettle and vacuum cleaner off battery power at night.


  • Install a heat pump. You can maximize energy efficiency by installing a hot water heat pump. This device gathers ambient heat from the warm summer air and uses it to preheat your hot water. The heat pump produces three times more energy than it uses. Depending on what area you live in, you may be able to sell this excess energy back to your municipal utility.


How Will You Put Your Solar Panels to Work This Summer?


Keeping your electrical system in good working order can also help you maximize your energy savings. Installing a solar panel gives you many options for strategic summer energy use. From installing a heat pump to adding timers to electricity greedy appliances, you can put your solar panel system to work for you.


Many homeowners are surprised by just how much they can save by using the sun’s renewable energy year-round. If you would like to find out more about solar panels in Chicago, reach out to the experts at Sunpower Solar by Matrix Solar Solutions today!

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