Is a Garage Fridge Practical? Everything You Need To Know.

It’s a hot summer day and you’re in the garage exercising or working away on a project. A cold, refreshing beverage is calling your name, so you open your garage fridge and grab a beer, soda, or water.


Having a fridge in the garage is undeniably handy in such a scenario. Is it practical or even responsible to have a second fridge running in your home, though?


There are differing opinions on the subject. Environmentalists think it’s wasteful. Experts who study food waste (which is a major issue in the U.S. and Canada) believe it contributes to the problem. A lot of homeowners love the convenience of having two fridges, however. 


Get all the facts you need to know about garage fridges and whether or not you should be using one.


Do you really need that garage fridge?


Owning a second refrigerator is quite common. An estimated 23% of the 35 million homes in the U.S. have two fridges, with the second appliance usually being located in the basement or garage.


If you’re considering buying an extra fridge for the garage, moving an old fridge out there, or debating whether or not to get rid of that extra fridge, ask yourself these questions:


  1. Are the temperatures in my garage suitable for the fridge I want to buy or currently have? 

  2. Do I spend a lot of free time in the garage and love having a nearby fridge to store beverages?

  3. Is an additional fridge and/or freezer used regularly for storing extra groceries that won’t fit into my main fridge?

  4. Could the space my garage fridge is taking up be put to better use?

  5. Do I really need to have a full-sized fridge loaded up with more beer, bottled water, and soda than my family can drink in the next few months?

  6. Can I justify the extra expense of running a second fridge?

The pros and cons of having a second fridge in the garage

To further help you decide on the practicality of running a fridge in your garage, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • An extra fridge is handy for staying well-stocked on groceries and reduces the number of trips made to the grocery store.

  • Having a garage fridge that can hold bottled drinks is super-convenient and lets your main fridge be used mainly for food items.

  • A cooking enthusiast will appreciate having room to store their leftovers.

  • If you entertain frequently, an extra fridge is ideal for keeping prepared dishes you’re serving and for leftovers.


  • Having an extra refrigerated storage space can cause you to overbuy when food shopping.

  • Food in the second fridge is more likely to go to waste because it’s forgotten about.

  • Running a second fridge in your house adds to your electrical bill.

  • A second refrigerator uses up space in the garage.

  • Owning a second fridge doubles the chance of future fridge maintenance costs.

  • Operating an additional fridge can create garage condensation issues from the extra moisture produced by the appliance.

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