Give Your Garage a Job

An unfinished garage can easily become a neglected or overlooked part of your home, especially if you only use it to keep items out of the way. Instead of not getting much use out of your garage, you can take steps to make it more functional while also improving its appearance. With the right garage remodeling project, you can get much more use out of this part of your home. Keep the following ideas in mind when you’re thinking about ways to update your unfinished garage.


Storage Space


When you’re looking for more storage space in your home, don’t forget about your garage. Garages provide a great place to set up storage solutions, especially for items that you don’t use often or items that are for outdoor use. Instead of filling up your closets or leaving piles of boxes or items on your garage floor, consider exploring garage storage options. 


Your garage floor isn’t the only place to store items. You can also make use of your garage walls and ceiling for storage. This helps keep items out of the way while also freeing up floor space for your vehicle. Adding high-quality custom cabinets, shelves and other storage solutions to walls and ceilings offers a convenient and handy way to store items. Keep in mind that the storage solutions you choose should be durable, so that they don’t wear out or become damaged. Several storage options are available for garages, including overhead racks, ventilated steel shelves, industrial shelves, tire racks and golf racks. These storage solutions can be used for storing oversized items or items that don’t fit in cabinets.


Vehicle Space


Although garages are meant to be where people keep their vehicles, they’re not always used for this purpose. Keeping your cars or other vehicles in your garage helps protect them from damage, such as storm or hail damage. Garages also protect vehicles from wear and tear caused by exposure to the elements, which can dull their appearance. Keeping your vehicles in your garage helps lower the risk of car break-ins and thefts as well.


Making changes to your unfinished garage can result in a more efficient and stylish place for your vehicles. For example, you can add custom flooring to give your garage some visual appeal. A new, high-quality floor can improve your garage’s appearance while also leading to less wear and tear on tires compared to a rougher floor. Custom flooring options for garages include qualities that help reduce the risk of damage to your garage and vehicles, such as waterproof, chemical-resistant and impact-resistant properties. You can also get textured surfaces that offer better traction. These updates to your garage can make it a safe place for your vehicles.


If you’re considering making your garage more functional, please contact Matrix Home Solutions for more information on our services. Whether you’re looking for more storage space or a better place for your car, our experts can help. We offer custom flooring, storage solutions and more. Visit us online to get a free quote on your garage remodeling project.


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