Tips for Moving Extra Family into Your Home

Multi-generational families are becoming more common than ever. Moving in with older family members can bring your family together while also saving money. However, before you move in together, it’s important to prepare your home. By making space and ensuring that your home is safe for your older relatives, you can help ensure that your life together with your additional family members will be successful and happy. 


Optimize Your Home for Aging in Place


Before older adults move into your home, it’s important to optimize your home for aging in place. Start by customizing your bathroom for an older demographic. 


There are many things you can do to make this happen. For example:

  • Install grab bars. Grab bars help stop slips and falls when standing up from the bathtub, when showering, or when standing up from the toilet. 
  • Install non-slip flooring. Non-slip flooring can stop slips and falls, and can be especially helpful when the floor around the bathtub or shower becomes wet. 
  • Install a shower seat. For someone with poor coordination or muscle weakness, installing a shower seat can prevent slips and falls. 
  • Install a taller toilet. Older adults often have a hard time standing up from standard toilets, because they’re so low to the ground. Installing a taller toilet can make standing up from the toilet easier. 
  • Install a curbless shower. Curbless showers are easier to get into and out of than bathtubs. Install a curbless shower in your bathroom to prevent accidents. 

Convert Your Basement Into Extra Space


Before you move in with another member of your family, make extra space in your house by converting your basement. A finished basement can improve the value of your home. You can make your basement into a bedroom, a family room, a home office, or nearly any other type of room. 


It’s important to work with a qualified basement remodeler in Chicago. Finishing a basement is more than just installing drywall and insulation in your basement space. It requires you to waterproof your basement to avoid development of mold and mildew on your walls, in your carpeting and so on.


Your basement remodeler will also know when an egress window or door is required, to ensure the safety of the people in your household. When your basement remodeler is finished, your basement should be comfortable, attractive and functional.


Some more tips for converting the space in your basement: 

  • Plan the remodel with all affected members of your household to ensure that your home remodel will help you meet your goals. 
  • Hire a contractor with experience refinishing basements to ensure that the work is done properly and efficiently. 
  • Create a budget before signing a contract with your Matrix basement remodeler to ensure that your basement finishing project is something you can afford. 

Make More Space In Your Chicago Home


Hire an experienced basement remodeler to make your home large and safe enough for all the members of your household. Contact Matrix Home Solutions to get started with your home upgrade today. 

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