Garage Ceiling Storage: The Storage Solution Hiding in Plain Sight

You walk into a garage filled with clutter that covers the floor from wall to wall. Then you look up at the garage ceiling area and notice all that open space is completely unused. Meanwhile, the homeowner’s vehicles are left parked in the driveway.


What’s wrong with this picture?


This illogical scenario is more common than you might expect. Garage ceiling storage space is surprisingly underutilized.


Not taking advantage of your garage’s vertical storage space makes it much harder than it has to be to keep a garage organized and functional.


The 3 keys to maximizing garage storage space


Maximizing a garage’s storage space (for the ceiling and the entire room) is more simple than you might think. Here are the three keys to achieving this goal:


  1. Reduce or eliminate the amount of clutter and non-essential items in the garage.
  2. Strategically locate where your storage systems are installed.
  3. Buy well-designed storage systems that are highly functional.

Seriously, that’s it. Follow these three golden rules and you’ll set your garage up to flourish as an efficient home storage space.


Let’s take a look at a few important things related specifically to garage ceiling storage, including why homeowners don’t use their garage’s overhead space more, some common garage ceiling storage systems, and items that are ideal for overhead storage.


3 reasons garage ceiling storage gets overlooked


1. The solution is hiding in plain sight


Sometimes the answer to a problem is staring us right in the face and it’s almost tooobvious to see. That’s one of the reasons a lot of people never consider using the upper areas of their garage for storage.


The garage walls, another woefully underused storage space, also fall into this category.


2. It may not seem practical


Garages in older homes tend to have ceilings with lower heights (overhead clearances in the 8-10 foot range are not uncommon). It’s understandable that a garage with low ceilings wouldn’t be making use of overhead storage systems because it may seem unpractical.


You can still expand your storage space, even with a low garage ceiling height, however. Even if you’re adding smaller garage ceiling storage systems that hold fewer things than a large space can, every little bit counts. Of course, you don’t want to overstuff the garage with storage systems to the point where there’s very little room left to park your vehicles comfortably.


Look at it this way: if something can be stored up high in the garage, that means it’s not cluttering up your floor.


3. Unfamiliarity


Another reason for the lack of garage ceiling storage space being used is simple – unfamiliarity. Most homeowners have no idea about the many types of garage overhead storage solutions that are available.


It’s the kind of thing that is easy to be in the dark about if you’re not in the process of planning a remodel and gotten an idea of which modern garage storage and organization systems are available. Or perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to see a neighbor’s or friend’s relatively recent garage makeover, which can plant the seed for ideas in which your garage can be improved.


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