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Jonathan Paez

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jonathan started in business development 13 years ago and worked in a multitude of industries from Fitness, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Staffing, and financial services. 

Jonathan made the jump to Talent Acquisition management in 2018 where he directly assisted a company in reaching the top 4% of gross margin and sourced positions out of 850 locations nationwide. Working with people and helping them join a company in the positions they desired is where he found a passion for recruiting. 

“I joined Matrix Home Solutions because of the culture! Being able to build on top of a healthy work environment was very attractive to me. We also have substantial sales and growth goals and I felt like I could provide value to candidates because of my experience in business development and management. I could help them find a place to work that had multiple opportunities for advancement because most career minded people want a chance for upward mobility as well as financial stability and empowerment. Matrix Home Solutions is just getting started and the possibilities are endless which makes coming to work a dream come true.”


Jonathan takes a sense of ownership and pride in his performance and its impact on the company’s success.

“I am looking forward to the future we can create together! Come Build with us!”

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