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5 Ways to Use a Finished Basement

A finished basement extends the usable space in your home and adds resale value, which is why it’s one of the more attractive home remodel projects you can pursue. What’s more is that the options for what you turn your basement into are truly unlimited. If it’s a big enough space, you can even remodelContinue reading “5 Ways to Use a Finished Basement”

Three Signs It’s Time to Update Your Home

It’s estimated that the average American today spends about 90 percent of their time indoors – and while much of this time is likely spent at the office, a good chunk of it is also spent within the confines of your home too. Noting this, it’s important to have a home that you’re proud of and thatContinue reading “Three Signs It’s Time to Update Your Home”

How to Find & Mitigate Mold in the Bathroom

Is there anything more frightening than finding mold in your bathroom? Mold is not only slimy and gross but it can cause health problems for you and your family. We’ve put together some tips to help you discover if you have a mold problem and what you can do to get rid of mold inContinue reading “How to Find & Mitigate Mold in the Bathroom”

The Design Consultation Process for Basements & Bathrooms

When you need more space, but you don’t want the cost of adding onto your house, consider finishing or renovating your basement. You can add living space, bedrooms, and even a bathroom in the basement. Before you get started, you should go through a design consultation process to make sure your visions are possible. TheContinue reading “The Design Consultation Process for Basements & Bathrooms”

6 Ways to Age Proof Your Bathroom

It’s estimated that nine out of ten elderly Americans plan to live in their own homes over the next five or more years, making aging in place a popular option for senior citizens who are able to live independently. Aging in place isn’t as easy as leaving the house as-is. Some remodeling or renovation isContinue reading “6 Ways to Age Proof Your Bathroom”